Useful documents

Annual Report and Accounts 2023
For the year ended 31 March 2023
Customer Charter
Our Customer Charter for Shared Ownership provides information on some of your rights and responsibilities.
Environmental Charter
Our Environmental Charter for Shared Ownership addresses your environmental concerns.
Anti-Social Behaviour (ABS) Policy
This policy sets out clear guidelines on how we will deal with ASB.
Data protection policy
How we protect personal data and ensure ongoing compliance with data protection laws is kept.
Equality and diversity policy
How we ensure that we deliver services that are inclusive, accessible to all the needs of our customers.
Rent setting policy
This policy includes information on how rents are set and reviewed, and our approach to rent arrears and income management.
Repairs policy
How repairs and maintenance to leasehold and shared ownership properties will be managed.
Staircasing policy
This policy includes information on how we will approach shared owners who want to staircase.
Lease charges to March 2024
Here you will find all our charges for administration and changes of ownership.
Health and safety policy
This policy includes information on our commitment to health and safety.